Welcome to North Queens, Nova Scotia, Canada

Just a few of the many things there are to do in North Queens

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Welcome to North Queens, one of Nova Scotia's most tranquil and beautiful destinations. North Queens is a great place to live in or to visit. This small graphic shows our location in Nova Scotia marked with an X.

Our location in Nova Scotia, Canada
Located in the northern part of Queens County, Nova Scotia, Canada, North Queens consists of several small communities stretching from Pleasant River to Kempt. North Queens is a paradise for the naturalist or for those looking for natural beauty.

In North Queens, you can visit one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Canada, Kejimkujik National Park. Kejimkujik, located just outside the picturesque communities of Maitland Bridge and Kempt, is a paradise for naturalists and fun-loving campers alike. The park offers beautiful campsites, and contains many rare species of wildlife within its boundaries. Kejimkujik is a great reason to come and visit North Queens.

North Queens also offers comfortable lodgings, interesting festivals, a fascinating museum, well-stocked merchants, and much more.

North Queens invites you to visit the rest of our site, so that you can see exactly how much we have to offer. We are sure that it will become apparent that North Queens is truly the jewel in the crown of Queens County, the South Shore's Great Outdoors!

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